About Us

The forgotten element of technology: The human part.

Bringing humans and technology closer.

At Overvolt.net, we believe that the most critical piece of any technological deployment is the human element. Often overlooked for the best specifications or lost in an effort to maximize profits, humans are who ultimately have to deal with technology.

Founded by Jason Taylor in 2002, Overvolt.net has had a wide and storied history. Originally started as a combat robotics forum, Overvolt.net has been the host of many different things over the years. Now, in it’s latest form, we’re launching a Managed Service Provider in the Colorado Springs region. Armed with well over 30 years of computing experience, our staff are well versed in a wide variety of computing platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) as well as networking, VoIP, AV system design and integration, wireless deployments, etc.